Capturing the Moment: Food fit for a dog

Running a photo shoot on a full stomach is never a good idea. It is even more difficult when your model wants to devour the props. Welcome to our new feature called “Capturing the Moment.”

This week, food photography just got a bit more challenging. Enjoy… (And use a napkin!)

Breakfast. Many claim it is the most important meal of the day. Although our friend here enjoys a nice fry-up like anyone else, a sensible choice of croissant and fresh OJ makes a much better sense for this busy fellow.

Add a bit of spice to your lunch with the baked goodness of fresh tortilla chips. A carnivore at heart, the mere presence rocket salad may seem unfortunate for a boy ready to inhale the fresh Wiltshire ham, but the seeded roll is a welcomed compromise.

Cream then jam? Jam then cream? It is an interesting debate, but a bit unrealistic when a good hambone is the preferred snack for afternoon tea for our furry friend here. And don’t bother going on about the debate on the order of milk and tea being poured… he’d rather chase a pheasant.

The music, the romance, the focaccia: our boy has fine memories of enjoying quiet, intimate meals with a lovely cocker spaniel. Oh wait, that was Lady & the Tramp. Nevermind. But, he does love a good goat cheese pizza. Buon appetito!

And normalcy returns. #hardwork. #modelslife

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