Artwork into Wallpaper | Artwork Photography | Castle Hill Estate

Unique Hand Painted Artwork | Castle Hill, Filleigh, North devon

A rather different project from the type of thing you may usually see on my blog, but this was a really special project. 

I was approached by the client to photograph some hand painted artwork from the bathroom wall in their old house, so that it could be reproduced on the bathroom wall in their new house. Simple I hear you say, this wasn't as straight forward click and print. To start with there were various obstacles to work around like radiators, a sink, toilet and light fightings that were un able to be moved before taking any photographs. As there was natural light coming in some of the walls had faded over time more than others so they all had to be balanced colour wise. Each wall was then photographed in 8-10 sections and then stitched together.

The artwork also featured 2 of their old dogs, we had discussed that it would be great to incorporate their other family dogs too. So I photographed 2 paintings as well as 3 of their current dogs and recreated their generations of dogs to all feature in the same place. These were then edited to fit in with the rest of the artwork. Once this was complete and the client was happy it was then off to the guys at Bray Leino for printing and production. 

Have a look below at a before pano shot taken on my iPhone which I used for reference and the finished piece which I photographed on the new bathroom last week.