Press Photography


Like everyone else, I was eagerly awaiting the birth of the Royal baby. Working as a news photographer, Andy was lucky enough to get a great picture of Prince Charles when he was in Braunton. So I figured, naturally, Andy would probably get the first baby pictures. Then someone told me it wasn't the Royal Corgis that were expecting, but it was Prince William and Kate that were having a baby. I can’t say I was totally uninterested, but I was a little disappointed. Puppies are so cute!! 

Press photography is as old as the camera. But not everyone is good at it. For some news photographers, they rely on luck. For Andy, he relies on skill. His photographs have been published in newspapers, magazines and on websites. His images have not been used in just Devon and Cornwall, but all over the world.

Whether you need press photography for a news story, concert photos or marketing your business, we can produce the images you need. Although I’m never let in with him, Andy is very fortunate to work with a network of contacts that allow him access on to film sets, commercials, music gigs, backstage areas and celebrity parties throughout the UK. Andy works with photo desks everywhere to make sure the pictures are ready when you need them in order to gain maximum exposure.

Look in tomorrow’s paper and hopefully you’ll see one of Andy’s pictures. Contact him today if you want that picture to be yours.