Professional Commercial Photography


Product Photography

We all buy stuff. And, we all buy stuff that looks pretty. A nice collar, leash, even a new (dog) house, many of us buy the things we use because we like the photo. For shops, e-commerce websites and promotional copy, Andy can help make your products stand out from the rest. He can complete work in studio or on site, depending on your needs. He has supplied commercial products all over Devon, Cornwall and the UK. Call him now to make your product line shine.


People & Portrait Photography

I know I’m beautiful -- but have others noticed my striking spaniel features? For casting needs, school pictures and identification purposes, contact Andy about getting a great portfolio of head shots. He will work hard with you to make sure your pictures match both the necessary technical requirements and capture your inner beauty.


Architectural Photography

You may find this hard to believe: I love a good flying buttress.

There is nothing finer than a fresh bowl of cold water, a nice bone from the butcher, and the most recent issue of Architectural Digest. Take the phone off the hook and don’t pester me because that’s my definition of doggie heaven. For lettings, property showings or construction site studies, Andy can take the perfect picture for your commercial needs. Whether it’s an edifice in Georgham or interior shots in Tavistock, call Andy to discuss your architectural photography project.


Food Photography

“Food, glorious food!” That Oliver Twist sure had the right idea. As any self-respecting dog, I’ll eat just about anything, but most people buy food that looks as good as it tastes.

For menus, website and other promotional materials, Andy enjoys taking pictures of food. (I won’t mention how much he like to eat, but between you and me, there has been a recent increase… oh, never mind.)

Now, not every photographer can take striking food pictures, but Andy has the experience to meet your expectations.