Creative Modern Filming


Even as a dog, I know film has a way of touching you in ways you never forget. 

Do you remember the first time you saw Thriller and somehow knew Michael Jackson had just redefined the music industry? Have you experienced the grainy Super 8 films of your parents’ wedding and realised you never knew they were so young – and so happy? Do you have that DVD copy of Love Actually that gets dusted off and enjoyed every Christmastime?

Nowadays, film is all digital and YouTube is the most popular website on the planet. People are attaching cameras to their motorbikes, their heads, even their pets. Videos are shared on Twitter and Facebook and may be watched by millions, even billions at a time. For me personally, I can’t stop watching Pudsey win Britain’s Got Talent over and over again. What a moment for dogs everywhere – talented or not.

If you love video as much as I do, then you need to give Andy a shout. In last few months, he has created some great pieces. Maybe it’s another way to remember your wedding, your band’s first music video, or maybe you just want a profession touch in creating product demonstration videos for your website. We are happy to announce Andy Casey Photography now includes some great video production services.

Contact us today to help you create your own motion picture memories.