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If you would like some group shots taken, please list them below. For example Bride and Groom with Uni Friends or Bride and Groom both parents. The group shots can be as formal or as relaxed as you want, this is also a great opportunity to get big group shot of everyone.
The Client (Bride & Groom named above) hereby grants The Photographer (Andy Casey Photography & Video) the right to use and publish photographs/film of the client. The photographs/film maybe used for purposes including advertising, publicity, competition or editorial. The photographs/film maybe displayed in any medium including transmission by electronic means such as the internet. Other mediums/purposes include: advertising, internet promotion, photographic contests, public displays, photography books, wedding blogs, studio display, sample wedding albums/prints, slide show. Attendance at the wedding as a guest or participant in the wedding implies that there is an understanding that the photographer can use the photographs for legitimate business purposes as those stated above. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that parents are aware that their children may appear in wedding photographs/film and to indicate to the Photographer if any parent is not happy with this.
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